Month: March 2014

Making Yesterday’s Vision Tomorrow’s Reality

Healthcare Leadership: A Discourse

ImageDo you want to reach out and help your fellowman and see the difference 100% of your efforts make on humanity? 

A few of my friends have joined overseas missions and can tell you firsthand what that feels like.  The rest of us may have a different story in treating patients here stateside.

Civilization has its costs and following certain rules, regulations, and standards—for better or for worse—are mandated.  Prior to receiving my first job offer to work in a hospital, I’ll never forget the words uttered by my soon-to-be boss:  “You will need to get a haircut and lose the beard.  The revolution is over.”  Gulp! 

Needless to say, I did just that and so began my long career in health care.  I also found that in the decades that proceeded “work casual,” that the expectation was that I would wear a sport coat or suit and…

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Healthcare Environment

In a competitive and dynamic environment, healthcare organizations need to continuously revolutionize their businesses so as to deliver better value for their patients. The healthcare sector is subject to transformation and advancement; and in order to sustain their business performance, these organizations need to be well informed about the present market trends and formulate strategies in accordance. While facing the various challenges of strategy development and implementation, branding, positioning and assessment of the market and ever changing clinical demands, these organizations also has to uphold their performance amidst uncertain market behavior.