Create Brand Ambassador – Hospital Internal Marketing Phase II

Internal Marketing Phase II

+Feedback [Patient, Relative & Visitors]

+Cross Selling

+Social Media Engagement

+“Thanks for Trust on Us”

+Floor Managers

+Delight Team

+In-house referral scheme

+Data Collection

Feedback [Patient, Relative & Visitors]:

+Who is filling it

+Who get it filled

+Consideration of last few experience

+Mental Status

+How many forms

+Satisfaction v/s Delight

+Follow up Action

Feedback Process analysis

Cross Selling:

+Cross Department Selling

+Create service awareness

+SMS, Emailer, Posters, Merchandise

+ Promotional Scheme

+Package Scheme

To engage & convert existing customers for various other offered services

Social Media Engagement:

+Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, blog etc

+To connect with patients & Visitors

+Free internet access to main foyer

+Kiosk to “connect with us”

“Thanks for Trust on Us”:

+Message card to each patient by consultant after consultation, on discharge, during ward visit etc.

+Create positive bonding between patient & consultant

Unique way to connect with patients emotions

Floor Managers:

+For coordination between doctor and patient`s relative

+Coordination between relative and hospital administration

+Coordination between internal and external doctors

+Patient`s support service monitoring

Delight Team:

+Patients satisfaction v/s delight experience monitoring

+To provide customized support services to patients

In-house referral scheme:

+Incentive scheme for employees on patient refer by them

+Incentive scheme for clinical team on inter department patient referral

+‘Health Referral” Free/discount Health Check Up coupons to existing HCP clientele

Data Collection:

+Identification of available opportunities for data collection

+Process establishment of Data Collection

+Periodical updation

+Utilization of Data


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