Hospital Marketing

Create Brand Ambassador – Hospital Internal Marketing Phase II

Internal Marketing Phase II

+Feedback [Patient, Relative & Visitors]

+Cross Selling

+Social Media Engagement

+“Thanks for Trust on Us”

+Floor Managers

+Delight Team

+In-house referral scheme

+Data Collection

Feedback [Patient, Relative & Visitors]:

+Who is filling it

+Who get it filled

+Consideration of last few experience

+Mental Status

+How many forms

+Satisfaction v/s Delight

+Follow up Action

Feedback Process analysis

Cross Selling:

+Cross Department Selling

+Create service awareness

+SMS, Emailer, Posters, Merchandise

+ Promotional Scheme

+Package Scheme

To engage & convert existing customers for various other offered services

Social Media Engagement:

+Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, blog etc

+To connect with patients & Visitors

+Free internet access to main foyer

+Kiosk to “connect with us”

“Thanks for Trust on Us”:

+Message card to each patient by consultant after consultation, on discharge, during ward visit etc.

+Create positive bonding between patient & consultant

Unique way to connect with patients emotions

Floor Managers:

+For coordination between doctor and patient`s relative

+Coordination between relative and hospital administration

+Coordination between internal and external doctors

+Patient`s support service monitoring

Delight Team:

+Patients satisfaction v/s delight experience monitoring

+To provide customized support services to patients

In-house referral scheme:

+Incentive scheme for employees on patient refer by them

+Incentive scheme for clinical team on inter department patient referral

+‘Health Referral” Free/discount Health Check Up coupons to existing HCP clientele

Data Collection:

+Identification of available opportunities for data collection

+Process establishment of Data Collection

+Periodical updation

+Utilization of Data


“Create Brand Ambassador” – Hospital Internal Marketing Phase I

+In a competitive and dynamic environment, healthcare organizations need to continuously revolutionize their businesses so as to deliver better value for their patients. The healthcare sector is subject to transformation and advancement; and in order to sustain their business performance, these organizations need to be well informed about the present market trends and formulate strategies in accordance. While facing the various challenges of strategy development and implementation, branding, positioning and assessment of the market and ever changing clinical demands, these organizations also has to uphold their performance amidst uncertain market behavior.


+Create Brand Ambassadors of Isha Hospital in house

+Create positive attitude & ownership towards Isha Hospital

+Engage Maximum Footfall

+Cross Selling of offered services

+Word of Mouth

+Engagement in social media

+Utilization of Existing workforce & footfalls to increase business

Internal Marketing Phase I – Step:

+Articulate Vision & Mission

+Gauge the existing scenario

+Segmentation of existing workforce

+Communication Plan Creation

+Execution of communication Plan


+Measure impact & re-planning accordingly

Articulate Vision & Mission

For Example: Some Hospital has following:


Striving with excellence to create world-class integrated healthcare delivery system, entailing finest medical skills to fulfill the needs of the community in its chosen field of medical treatment


To become a global healthcare institution, which encompasses latest technology and best medical practices with an emphasis on ethical principles, in a caring environment, to preserve and enrich the quality of life with a respect for human dignity


  • Setting the best practice standards in services, continuously improving performance and

exceeding the expectations of patients as well as their families.

  • Believe in building and maintaining long-term patient relationships, so as to become an

essential resource for their well being.

  • We believe in:
  • Training and developing the best medical practices as the key to deliver superior service.
  • Consistently investing in technology and infrastructure to match international benchmarks.
  • Continuously educating the community in the context of women and children welfare

Gap Analysis between Vision Mission & actual practices

Gauge the existing scenario[internal Customers]:



+Opinion Poll

+World of Mouth

Understand the existing Gossip centers in and Around hospital thru Identification of common gossip topics & gossip mongers, Corrective steps & policy

Segmentation of existing workforce:

+Understand the existing patient, relative visitors flow

+Segmentation of workforce according to their skills & ability

+Medical & Non Medical

Identification & creation of various groups & align communication strategy accordingly

Communication Plan Creation:

+Identification of communication channels

+Maximum utilization of Social Media Platform


+E-mail [Education, motivation, promotions]

To connect with internal customers

Execution of communication Plan:

+Work Station Posters

+Workforce Education & Training on Who,   Why, For What, When, How etc.

+Social Media Platform


+E-mail [Education, motivation, promotions]

To create employee ownership & transform them in to Brand Ambassador


+To increase synergy between internal & inter department functions

+To increase bounding between all stake holders

+ Increase Brand ownership & loyalty

Events like Director`s Day, CEO`s Day etc to interact With all levels of internal customers, Team Building, Quiz, Get together, birthday celebration

Measure impact & re-planning accordingly:

+Feedback Overview

+Result Overview

To measure the impact thru interview, observation, feedback, spy etc. & act accordingly


Restructuring Marketing Department


In a competitive and dynamic environment, healthcare organizations need to continuously revolutionize their businesses so as to deliver better value for their patients. The healthcare sector is subject to transformation and advancement; and in order to sustain their business performance, these organizations need to be well informed about the present market trends and formulate strategies in accordance. Healthcare organizations need to restructure their Marketing Department as per today`s requirement.

Restructuring Marketing Department:

  • Internal Marketing Team
    • Coordination between marketing Team & Staff
    • Internal communications
    • Events Planning
  • Patient/Relative Experience Management
    • Floor managers
    • Coordination between consultant & Patient
    • Coordination between Patient/Relative & Hospital administration
  • Retention & Loyalty Team
    • Data Collectors
    • Inhouse scheme promotions
    • Cross Selling
  • Brand Equity Creation
    • Branding & Advertising
    • Campaign Designing
    • Hospital stationery, Website updation, social Media Management
  • Referral Sales
    • Local Referral Sales
    • Periphery Referral Sales
  • Corporate Sales
    • Corporate, TPA, Insurance, PSUs
  • International Marketing
    • Coordinate International patient referral channels
    • Coordination and assistance to International Patient during their visit to hospital
  • Event Management
    • Execute various events organised by Sales team & Internal Marketing team

Hospital Marketing in 2014

Hospital Marketing in 2014
By reading this article`s heading you all must be thinking about to explore new trend in Hospital Marketing, that`s true partially as you go reading this, you will say “Ohh that I know very well..” but believe me like you many of us have so many ideas which can be transform in to new trend in respective industry but “Knowing is Knowing & Doing is Doing”. So keep reading and keep implementing.

Shape up your Marketing Team: Traditionally all hospital management has their Marketing or Business Development team and their major focus is not marketing but the SALES. So let`s shape up your team in manner that you can cover all aspects of hospital marketing, according to me Marketing Department should be divided in to 6 part:
1. Internal Marketing Team
2. Branding Team
3. Corporate Sales Team
4. Referral Sales Team
5. Event Team
6. PR Team
Effective coordination and combination of above team can lead successful Hospital Marketing & Business Growth.

Market Research: Traditionally, all hospital marketers follow existing technique prevailing in the market, e.g. One hospital is doing advertisement campaign on “Knee Replacement Surgery using Computer Navigation” or some latest equipment for error free surgery with clean atmosphere & excellent services, with the photo of some old age couple back to their normal life with hassle free walking. Another hospital will similar kind of advertisement with lowest package rate. Some other hospital will do the same kind of advertisement campaign with showing old age person playing football after Knee Replacement Surgery. According to me hospital should have develop Market Research Team who constantly measures patient`s trend, need, demand, willingness, behavior, expectation etc. and the same time explore and update new trend in medical world, by evaluating said data marketer can always invent new ideas to promote their particular services in very effective way.

Know your Existing Customer first: all marketer wants more and more footfalls in their hospital and for that they do all kind of efforts and spend huge money, but marketers just forget their existing customers who are already there at your place for availing some or other kind of service of your.

According to me in today`s challenging economy marketer has to utilized their existing customer to market their services and facilities by using various methods like cross selling, privilege card, loyalty card, gift car, referral scheme, hospital merchandisers etc. Marketer should also know how to use existing data base [contact number, email ids, home & office address etc.] of their existing customers.

Get Connected, Get Social & Be active on Social Media: Most healthcare companies utilize Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn for their brand visibility but marketers needs to cultivate and invent their own strategy to utilize this platform in maximum benefit to community and organization.

According to me Hospital marketer has to assign social media engagement work to internal marketing team for better and effective strategy. Before designing any social media strategy marketer need to gather various research data from marketing research department to understand their target segment`s like, dislike, trend, need, expectation, behaviors etc.

There are so many other things to write…

Will update in next blog, meanwhile Happy Learning and keep commenting and suggesting on my blog..

Your comment and suggestions can transform, reform Healthcare Marketing this year!!


Importance of Branding

In today`s competetive world of Healthcare & Hospital, One hospital management should have their Branding vision, Branding Vision is nothing but organisation`s vision & mission. Hospital owner have to plan their all activities according their vision.

Many of the time Hospital Management means Branding by Advertisement only.. but it`s not true. Branding means your overall reputation in the market, which you are promoting and communicating to the masses thru various available communication channel.